Direct billing to most insurances for massage and acupuncture treatments.

Lijun C. 


Lijun was born in China and has been a massage therapist for over 7 years. Aside from being a mother and therapist, she is also a student in the Manual Osteopathic therapy program at the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada. Lijun also specializes in cupping as well as foot reflexology.

She is a master at finding all of your problem spots, and with only a few sessions, she can help you on the road to recovery.

She offers Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Sports, Pre/Post Natal, Cupping, Hot Stones, Foot Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage. She utilizes a variety of techniques, and incorporates stretching, MET and trigger point therapy to ensure that clients feel restored and renewed after each treatment. She recommends 90 minute sessions to allow time for all of the healing benefits of her treatments.

Lijun looks forward to serving her clients to the best of her ability. She loves to help people and very grateful for your trust in your treatment.

Lijun can provide the following treatments:

 Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release,  Relaxation Massage, Massage Therapy with Cupping, Prenatal Massage, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, , Craniosacral Therapy, and Osteopathic Manual Therapy treatments.

Merle A.


Merle graduated from Makami’s 3000h advanced therapeutic massage therapy program in 2020. She has been here with us for almost a year.

She is trained and able to do all types of therapeutic massages including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Maternity, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone and Pre/Post Sports.

She is interested in Chinese medicine and her goals are to learn reflexology and eventually take the manual osteopathic program.

Chuan F.


Chuan is a young professional Therapist who graduated from Makami 3000h advanced therapeutic massage therapy program.

She has very good communication with clients. Specialize in a variety of modalities such as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Orthopaedic, Reflexology (for feet, hands, ears, and face), Hot Stone, Prenatal, Postnatal, Lymphatic Drainage.

She is good at finding the problem spot and giving the suggestion to the client. She will provide the massage treatment plan to the help client feel better.

Fil D.


Fil is a male Massage Therapist. He graduated from MaKami College with 3,000 hours of training and experience and successfully obtained his Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) designation. He is studying Manual Osteopathic Therapy at this moment.

He is able to offer a variety of massage treatments such as Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone and Dynamic Cupping Treatment, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Pre/Post Natal Massage, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic Massage, and specialized techniques such as Orthopaedic techniques.

Dr. Maggie Zhao


Dr. Maggie Zhao R.A.C is an Alberta Registered Acupuncturist and holds a Master degree of medical science.

Dr. Maggie Zhao R.A.C has an accepting and caring presence and empowers her patients along the healing journey. She is dedicated to seeing her patients thrive, not only by supporting them to heal illness but also to cultivate their own sense of vitality in the body and purpose in the heart.

Her solid medical knowledge allows her to treat a wide range of health concerns and keep a high-level standard of Chinese medicine practice.

If you are interested in how Acupuncture, manual osteopathic therapy and Massage therapist could benefit you and have specific questions, please give us a call and one of our receptionists would be happy to refer your questions to one of therapists!

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